Save Time, Save Money

HACCP Builder streamlines food safety managment for any organization.  The ability to update, monitor and manage any facility any where increases the ability to deliver information from weeks and months to just minutes - to your entire organization.  This enables any organization to troubleshoot "hot-spots" rather then travel to all facilities to "spot check" and then take corrective actions, which can take weeks or months.

In addition, the efficiency of individual tasks will increase significantly for many reasons.  A few of those reasons are tracked individual tasks at the location as well as at corporate, daily systematic drivers and a well organized pattern of work processes.  Not to mention, significantly reducing food waste, the elimination of violations, lower insurance premiums, and eliminating food borne illness (which along, can significantly harm any brand).

So, start making your employees more productive at every level within your organization...from the bottom to the top, with HACCP Builder.