Every Recipe or Mix just a touch away

Our HACCP based recipe module enables clients to easily create, manage, view and print all recipes. We worked with O. Pete Snyder to deliver the HACCP based recipe / mix module - so you can be 100% confident in recipe / mix format compliance.

The module automatically delivers:
- Product/Menu items
- Ingredients / Inputs
- Biological Hazards
- CCPs
- CP's.

Plus it includes:
- Portion Size
- Yield
- Specifications
- Edible Portion Weights
- Edible Portion Percentages
- Preparation Instructions

The recipe / mix is delivered to each mobile logins and is just a finger touch away from any login credentialed member in your organization (via mobile access and multiple access points)!  So, you manage your recipes / mixes at the same time enable your staff real time 24/7/365 access to anything they need.

Enable your organization…from top to bottom and bottom to top…

Once the staff member clicks on the recipe / mix items, they receive all the details they need to execute.