How It Works

HACCP Builder has five simple steps to complete your HACCP based Food Safety Management System and Plan. The five basic steps are:

1.         Load equipment and area inventory
2.         Load Vendors (customers if you organization is required)
3.         Load Inputs (Ingredients)
4.         Load Outputs
5.         Complete facility overview, sub-plans and pathogen plans on Plan Index Page
6.         Your plan is complete and ready to print

and, now you are ready, your system is complete

The system enables a great deal of customization if your organization has specific requirements. Customization is a simple process and to learn more go to

In addition, some of HACCP Builder’s clients also use two additional modules:

1.         Customer Module
2.         Mix / Recipe Module

The system is simple to set-up and very easy for your staff to use with our multiple access mobile logins for their daily activities.