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Delivers uniform corporate policyto any facility and staff member
Available 24/7/365 in real time
Works from farm to fork
Increases worker productivity
Lowers risk
-  Save Time,
Save Money
-  You can have
multiple usersin any facility
-  Absolutely no need for integrationwith internal systems (Cloud Based)
Scalable, Reliable, Flexible and Secure
Paperless and green

Resulting Additional Benefits:

-  Lower insurance costs
-  Significantly improve food service quality
-  Significantly reduce the possibility of the occurrence food borne illness
-  Reduce legal risk
-  Manage and monitor in real-time your organization's Food Safety and HACCP Compliance
-  Substantial dollar and time savings by being able to monitor all locations in real-time
-  Understanding, by each facility, trouble areas that can be resolved in real-time
-  Ability to take corrective actions daily rather then months later
-  Flexibility to support many different facility configurations in a single system
-  Keep all staff in each facility on top of tasks to pro-actively stay complian